American corn – 1 cup

Rice flour – 1 cup

Moong dal – 1 cup

Semolina (Rava) – 1 /2 cup

Baking soda – 1 tsp

Ginger – 1 small piece finely chopped

Green chillies – 4-5 finely chopped

Salt to taste

Ghee/Oil – as required


Soak the moong dal in water for two hours and keep it aside.

In a mixie add the  rice flour, American corn, moong dal, rava, ginger, green chillies and 2 cups of water and blend it into a fine batter. Add more water if required to bring it into the right consistency.

Now add salt and baking powder and mix well. Set it aside allowing it to rest for 20-30 minutes.

In a tawa once hot pour one ladle full of batter in the centre and spread it evenly in a circle.

Cook the dosa on a medium heat applying oil on the sides. Once one side is done flip it and cook for a couple of more minutes.

Yummy American corn dosai is now ready!!